"TD "Neva-Sodis" LLC  produces special materials:

  • siliconized paper, single and double sided coated, density 30 g/m2 and more
  • siliconized PETfilm, one- and two-sided coated, thickness from 12 µm
  • paraffined paper, single and double-sided coated, density from 15g/m2
  • anticorrosive paper, one- and two-sided coated
  • calendered and super calendered paper, density from 35g/m2

All types of papers can be flexographic printed and unprinted, different anti-adhesion on the sides is possible.

According to the customers requirements, any suitable for production water-based coatings can be developed and adjusted for individual customer needs.

We can also cut the materials into format reels at the customer’s request.
Wrapping and shiping details are also discussed individually.

All raw materials are approved for use in food and sanitary products.

 We provide

  • the production system for the customers needs and conditions 
  • stock on demand 
  • development of materials suitable for technological needs
  • fixed  prices for the period to six months
  • orders planning and coordination from three to six months
  • control of incoming raw materials
  • continuous quality monitoring system 
  • technological support of the customer's production
  • immediate reaction to technical requests of clients

LLC "Trading House" Neva-Sodis "
mobile phone 007 (911) 00-914-00

email nevasodis@yandex.ru